A ghost that has created a pact with a demon by the name of Bogatir to become an adept demon himself.


Points: 425 + 3 + 1

Game Statistics
Value: 7
Points: 70

Value: 8
Points: 80

Value: 10
Points: 100

Derived Values
Health Points = 85
Energy Points = 90
Shock Value = 17
Attack Combat Value = 8
Defense Combat Value = 8

Alternate Form
Level: 4
Points: 40

Damage Absorption (The points shall go in to Energy point)
Level: 4
Points: 40

Dynamic Powers (Minor)
Level: 2
Points: 40

Power Flux (Minor)
Level: 3
Points: 15

Level: 2
Points: 16

Level: 5
Points: 20

Level: 3
Points: 6

Level: 3
Points: 3

Level: 2
Points: 2

Level: 3
Points: 3

Level: 3
Points: -9

Level: 1
Points: -1


I only remember several picturesque images before I had died from my past life, and the year this said death happened was given to me later when I was discovered. Around the year 2105 on the second earth, my wife had committed treason to our love. After the five years in medical school that she had sustained an below average relationship, she could not take being alone for days anymore. I had come back home from studying for hours in the hospitals library where I had to do party time. The pleasure she was receiving contaminated my judgement. The thought procedure was eliminated, and murder was the only option for me, for I was a fragile creature in emotions. Saw her in our own bed, with that man. No second guessing was in place. After what I had done, I did not feel queasy from the sight of blood anymore. Decided to take a drive towards somewhere else where I could forget what I had just become: a murderer. Night time with no lights on the streets, and barely a recognizable road. Twitchy commoners in all corners covered in fear, loathing and oppression. Grief was in every inch of my mind and eyes while not noticing the danger I had placed my self in. It was simple really. Ten tons of steel came in from the other side of the road. Not a single soul wished for my well being in that road, and so I had fallen.

One thing was sure after the 50 years I was in this ethereal form: some of the demons that walked this earth took an interest in me. Bogatir always presented himself with that mocking voice of my wife. He would remind me of my crimes that no longer have valid laws to counter in this dimension, but only the tormenting made me create the pact that he so much lusted to make. The grief from murdering my wife I carried was by far the greatest bounty a demon could ever acquire. We made the pact, but in return I asked to be able to become a demon my self. The laughter he was having made him use his frightening and hellish voice once again. He agreed to the contract, and after thousands of years, I have been honing my powers to summon a fiery arsenal and demonic strength from Bogatir himself.


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