Kate Brightmonts

ranged shooter


body=6 60
mind=5 50
soul=6 60
total 170

armor lvl 10:-20 damage reduction 20 points
attack combat mastery lvl 2:+2 attack combat value (ranged,melee) 20 points

combat technique: 42 points
blind shooting 5:-5 to penality shooting in poor light darkness or invisible enemy
dead eye 5:-5 penality attacking fast targe
steady hand 5:-5 penality when attacking in movement
portable armory:weapon modification on the field and easy access to every weapons,switching in a single round
farshot 5:-5 penality to medium and longrange shooting
hardboiled 2: shock value increased by 20

extra action lvl2: extra action -30 points

ranged attack: handguns :2 attack combat value using this type of weapon
3 points lvl longguns :

regeneration lvl4 :hp +20 each round -40points

skills:accrobatic 3 lvl:3
controled breathing 1 lvl:2
stealth 3 lvl 5
wilderness survival 1 lvl:4
wilderness tracking 1 lvl:3
urban tracking 1 lvl:3

special movement: 2 points lvl:
untrackable: lvl 3

tought : +5 hp per lvl 4 +20 hp

weapon:2plvl : 12 24 points

impaired speech= +9 points


A tall lean lady with a atheltic body type.Her jet dark hair stopping at chin level
a pretty large scar from her neck going down into her clothings can be noticed.

background:From birth to a teen age she was raised into a Amazionian like monasterie,learning the balance of body and soul.Unlike other secluded temple,they didnt belive into a peaceful lives,they where trained in harsh condition to be able to vanquish evil,any form it may be
She was in the best of her classes until the monastery been attacked by a group of organized military personnel.During the fight a explosion bursted right next to her.A sharpnel entering pretty deep into her neck,To save her they had to resort to doing it on the spot but only had crude medical material leaving her with a permanant scar and becoming mute
she then learned sign languages from both civil and military.A person not knowing those may have a hard time understanding her.
The time in the monastery caused her to gain deep understanding of fire arms and firearms based martial arts.combat tactic and to keep her head cool during combat

Kate Brightmonts

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