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Mythical 425 Points

You live on the planet called Earth 23, it is 20x the size of Earth Prime (Earth Prime = Original Earth). It has a similar temperature range to earth and also already had liquid water in the form of very deep and gigantic wells, the average size of the wells usually 30 square miles on the surface and went around 40 miles deep. Thick and dense forests sprouted up everywhere on the planet with a few exceptions of deserts in extremely dry areas and on one of the poles where they had found the only life forms native to the planet, they found a country of yeti-like creatures who were living in cities inside hollowed mountains. They had quickly adapted to the technology that they had scavenged from seed carriers that humans had sent around the planet. Within 5 years they had caught up to the United Federation of Planets’ (U.F.P.) understanding of technology and sciences, they had even learned to speak English fluently. After they had been discovered they quickly made peace with the new inhabitants, they devised a treaty that would leave them in isolation to live their peaceful lives as their species had made it so they had very little aggression until threatened and had a society that promoted kindness. Every now and then one of the creatures that had taken to calling themselves Mili, was exiled from the country because they had been born with a genetic defect that let them act aggressively without being threatened, those that were exiled were rarely malicious as they were fully raised in their society before being exiled. These Mili that were exiled were highly sought after by royals and other people of high importance because of they were unrivaled bodyguards due to their natural agility, strength and combat prowess.

The U.F.P. is a militaristic organization that was created by one hundred fifty six planets and has grown to include over five thousand planets. The U.F.P. rules are simple, each planet government is allowed to do whatever they want on their own planet with the exception of causing intentional harm to visitors though not allowing visitors to see the majority of the planet was fine. There is no aggression allowed between any of the planets in the U.F.P. otherwise that planet would get instantly ejected from the federation and considered a hostile entity. Any new planet that was discovered with intelligent life on it would be asked if they wanted to join the U.F.P. if they didn’t accept they were dealt with either peacefully or swiftly depending on the situation. The U.F.P. has a joint military which leads in the majority of science fields, they left ignored the ones that couldn’t further their military power.

How the U.F.P. was able to keep up with these technologies and many other important discoveries was through a program that hired gifted individuals as independent researchers who would go places that few could. The U.F.P. grants these people access to a majority of the top-secret information, they were also granted nearly complete diplomatic immunity on any U.F.P. planet with few exceptions. Once hired the individual is given a unique Buster license. Obviously getting such a license is advantageous to many people in many different lines of work so getting that license is very, very hard. On average about one out of five million applicants passes the exam and gets their license. Busters are very important to the advancement of the U.F.P.’s knowledge and discoveries. Over their decorated history Busters have made huge discoveries such as technology to find and communicate with ghosts as well as other spirits, restoration of ancient ruins for further examination and study, and most recently the first successful teleport.

Ghosts and magic are relatively common in this universe; after the U.F.P. discovered ghosts there has been a significant increase in understanding ghosts. They have also discovered that becoming a ghost requires a very traumatic death to a strongly willed person, however the process of becoming a ghost has a noticeable effect on the person’s psyche which either makes them lose their sanity thus causing things like poltergeists or it makes the person develop some form of mental defects. There have only been five ghosts found that completely retain who they were before death. Since ghosts are no longer alive and usually barely even a shadow of who they were there has been an increase in ghost collecting.

You have grown up in a village on this planet and have just passed your Buster exam. You have been contracted to retrieve the Ring of Influence that was lost within one of the thousands of underground caves created by rivers that had emptied into the wells. You are part of a group who will go in and get the ring, you don’t know any of the people in the group, in fact you had been hired because of your newbie status as a Buster and because you had no connection to the others who were also from Earth 23. You have arrived at the entrance to the deep cavern, which was estimated to be 5 miles deep, and according your employer’s info should house the Ring of Influence. Your group makes camp around the entrance the night before you plan to enter.

Campaign Intro

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